Here: ravelled/unravelled
Elise Nuding


1st and 2nd February 2014
6:30pm to 8pm

‘To ravel’ is to untangle, unwind, to separate out. The inherent contradiction in this word – ravel and unravel are both synonyms and autonyms of one another – is resolved through the roots of the word in sewing and weaving: as threads become unwoven, they get tangled.

here: ravelled/unravelled is a site-specific work that explores opening up the often tightly woven identity of place. Place is rarely as stable and bounded as it is sometimes perceived to be, and as the threads of one identity become looser, space for identities is created. Here, in the spaces between these threads, new possibilities for what this place has been, is, might have been, or could still be begin to emerge, guided into being by body, memory and imagination.

here: ravelled/unravelled is created by Elise Nuding and presented as part of her M.A. from London Contemporary Dance School. Elise is a mover and thinker: a dance artist, choreographer and writer. A fundamental question in her research concerns how performance, as an intervention into landscape, can shift perceptions of place by opening up different layers and folds of its existence. She has thoroughly enjoyed teasing apart the threads of this place, and getting them a little tangled up in the process.

Tim Clark (performer) is a graduate of London Contemporary Dance School who continues to develop his practice through participation in a variety of performance and choreographic projects. His interests lie specifically in release techniques, improvisation and character work. He is the tall one of the pair and has received his fair share of scrapes working within this space.

Kostas Papamatthaiakis (performer) graduated from the Greek National Opera Dance School and completed his postgraduate studies at London Contemporary Dance School in 2012. Since then he has worked with Candoco Dance Company with whom he has toured nationally and internationally. His interest in site-specific work and encountering audiences in unconventional spaces is what brought him to this project.